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  1. “The Ritual” Track Listing: “Hope” “Cosmic Meltdown” “Gold” “Only You” “Babby” “Goodnight My Darling” “Death.
  2. Omegas- Blast of Lunacy This is the latest release from Montreal's Omegas and boy is it a good one. With their huge NYHC (New York Hardcore) influence, this record really shows that side of the band. Each song has hints of NYHC and good ol' street punk to combine the right amount of snottiness while maintaining a pissed off sound.
  3. Jan 28,  · woah look minifreds to collect. HELLO NEIGHBOR ACT 1 w/ FGTEEV HOBO JIM! NEW SECRETS in BASEMENT! FINAL FULL GAME (#1) - Missing: Psycho Circles · Blasts Of Lunacy.
  4. The Psychic Tower is a defense structure used by the PsiCorps. It can mind control up to three units at a time, and not more, unlike the Mastermind but like the rarely seen Dybbuk-Seizer. The Psychic Tower is feared by Yuri's enemies. It is the pinnacle of his mind control technology as while it can control multiple targets just like the Mastermind, it does not share its weakness in the form Missing: Blasts Of Lunacy.
  5. Nov 04,  · Psycho Boost is a Special Attack which reduces the user's Special Attack Stat twoMissing: Blasts Of Lunacy.
  6. A dimension where flipped-out acid rock rubs shoulders with records that reconfigured our conception of what music could be while manifestations of further-out lunacy – some barely recognisable as music at all – hover while laughing maniacally. Welcome, then, .
  7. "I would change who I am, change the sea for the sand just to stand with you." ~The Little Mermaid, DisneyMissing: Psycho Circles.

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