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  1. Book Excerpt: How To Turn A Flower Into a Monster. Amy De Schutter, profiled in Road to Mercy, has suffered from mental illness for more than half .
  2. Turning Tutu, Turning Leaves, a CD compilation culled from the fall tour of Karl Blau and Gift Machine, containing an excerpt from the live performance of my one-act play Dispatching Monsters, as well as live recordings from Mount Eerie, YACHT, and a number of other bands, poems, and sound recordings, Zines & Zine Events.
  3. From monster’s view, and all things shall be peace. OBERON. As you can see, these lovers are looking for a place to fight. Hurry up, Robin, and make the night dark and cloudy. Cover the sky with a low-hanging fog, as dark as hell, and get these overeager rivals so completely lost in the woods that they can’t run into each other.
  4. In this excerpt, the author reveals the narrator's view on heritage by presenting dialogue that includes a contrasting perspective. My friend had concluded that if he took his language and culture out of his poetry, he stood a better chance of receiving a fellowship.
  5. Read the excerpt from "How I Learned English.” I played on till dusk Missing flies and pop-ups and grounders And calling out in desperation things like "Yours” and "take it,” but doing all right, Tugging at my cap in just the right way, Crouching low, my feet set.
  6. Available Soon on Amazon – Stay Tuned! Book 1 in the Mutant Monsters Series Genre Scifi, Dystopian, Erotica Book Description In a dark future, Ceely lives far below the Earth with her community, safe from the mutants created by the chemical wars. But Ceely is out of place in a society that thrives on power Free Excerpt of Offered to the Monster Read More».
  7. I clenched my teeth and tried to focus on getting this girl out, but right then she drew in a great breath and fell quite still. Right then I felt the fingers still wrapped tightly around my bloodied hands turn hard. Turning into wood. Her eyes were now glazed, her expression fixed. And then I realized what was happening.
  8. A monster, Conor thought. A real, honestto-goodness monster. In real, waking life. Not in a dream, but here, at his window. Come to get him. But Conor didn't run. In fact, he found he wasn't even frightened. All he could feel, all he had felt since the monster revealed itself, was a growing disappointment. Because this wasn't the monster he was.

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